Survey Questionnaire for Suffolk Legislator

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What in your opinion should be the state budget for the Environmental Protection Fund and what should be the source(s) for such funding?



What were your votes on the following proposed legislation?  If these measures are re-introduced, would you vote differently during the next session? (Choose One)

a.    Close Fracking Hazardous Waste Loophole: A 7013 Sweeney /S4616 Avella

b.    Cap Global Warming Emissions A 5346 Sweeney/ S2742 Avella

c.    Support Solar Jobs For New York A 9149 Englebright

d.    Child Safe Products Act: A 3141 Sweeney/ S Pertims

e.    Enhanced Environmental Protection Fund A-7137-ALatimer/S 5403-A Grisanti



Do you support state legislation to provide for the election of Long Island Power Authority Trustees?  Why?  Why not?


Do you support legislation for Long Island only that establishes more restrictive standards for nitrogen in groundwater and which would enhance enforcement?  Explain.



What are your past accomplishments pertaining to the environment?


What do you contemplate you will do to advance the environment in the future?



What can be done to enhance land preservation on the part of New York State and when?



What can be done to advance solar and wind energy to provide for cleaner air and limit dependency on fossil fuels?  


According to the EPA, between 500 billion and a trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide each year. Americans alone throw away over 100 billion bags a year.  Every hour, approximately 200,000 plastic bags are landfilled and may take 1,000 years to break down. For the plastic bags that become litter, rain washes them into bodies of water where they threaten the lives of avian and marine species that can die from consuming or choking on the bags. Plastic pollution travels through our local waterways, eventually reaching the global oceans. On average, 46,000 pieces of plastic are swirling in each square mile of our oceans.  As an elected leader would you support a ban or surcharge on flimsy disposable one-time use bags?



Long Islanders depend on groundwater as our sole source of drinking water. It is critical that we protect this water source to ensure protection of our health and our environment. Unfortunately, new and alarming information compiled by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) documents 123 active pesticides found in Long Island’s water supply. Would you support the immediate ban of the top three most detected pesticides--metalaxyl, imidacloprid, and atrazine, all of which pose significant health risks?



Pharmaceutical drug contamination in our groundwater, rivers, estuaries, and bays is an emerging issue throughout our state, and our nation. Flushing unwanted or unused medication has been the common disposal practice, despite the fact that our sewage treatment plants, septic systems, and drinking water infrastructure were never designed to remove these contaminants. Current research and testing confirms the presence of pharmaceuticals in New York’s water sources. Unfortunately, there are still institutions that regularly flush unused medications.  As an elected leader would you support programs and legislation that would require the safe disposal of pharmaceuticals?